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This form is used as the input form for the Store Analysis Report.

  • Store (M)
Enter store for report.
  • Inwards Single Loads (O)
  • Inwards Single Pallets (O)
  • Inwards 20' Container Loads (O)
  • Inwards 20' Container Pallets (O)
  • Inwards D/Doubles Loads (O)
  • Inwards D/Doubles Pallets (O)
  • Inwards 40' Container Loads (O)
  • Inwards 40' Container Pallets (O)
  • Outwards Single Loads (O)
  • Outwards Single Pallets (O)
  • Outwards 20' Container Loads (O)
  • Outwards 20' Container Pallets (O)
  • Outwards D/Doubles Loads (O)
  • Outwards D/Doubles Pallets (O)
  • Outwards 40' Container Loads (O)
  • Outwards 40' Container Pallets (O)
  • Mover Equipment (O)
Out of Use Mover Equipment.
  • RTS Equipment (O)
Out of Use RTS Equipment.
  • Holiday (O)
Absent Staff on Holiday.
  • RDO (O)
Absent Staff on RDO.
  • Sick (O)
Absent Staff Sick.
  • Comment (O))
  • Chambers (M)
Allows for the entry of up to six chambers.
  • Printer Name (M)
Press the F9 key to list the printers.

Report Layout:

Fr939 r.png