External WMS Access

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Following are the instructions required for a I.T. Administrator to install and configure the WMS client software on a computer running Microsoft Windows XP with Internet Explorer 6. Upon completion of these instructions the end user should be able to access the Oxford's WMS system via the Internet.

If you have any queries or require further assistance please contact the Oxford I.T. Department.

Configuration of Internet Explorer

1. Configure Internet Explorer so that the following sites: wms.aboxford.com.au and appsrv1.aboxford.com.au:4443 are in the Trusted security zone.

Trusted Sites

2. Enable pop-ups for the site appsrv1.aboxford.com.au.

Enable Popups

NOTE: If you have any other pop-up blockers installed like Google Toolbar then allow pop-ups for the above site as well.

3. In the Advanced options turn off the re-use windows for launching shortcuts.

R-euse windows for launching shortcuts

Oracle Java version 8 is required

The Oracle Java runtime can be downloaded from the Java website.

1. The recommended way to install the software is to download Oracle Java from their website Oracle Java website.

Please note: You will need administrator privileges on the PC to install Sun Java software.

Please note: If using Java versions above 8.25 you may have to add an exception for https://appsrv1.aboxford.com.au:4443 in the security tab

Java 8 Special Note: Please uncheck TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 in the advanced options of the Java Control Panel Applet if you have errors launching the WMS applet

Security TAB

Security TAB

Access via Proxies

Please note that if you are accessing the Internet and consequently Oxford's WMS via a proxy server you will need to ensure that your server allows for SSL traffic on the non-standard port 4443. Please consult your software provider for details.

Accessing Oxford's WMS

Step 1

Open a new Internet Explorer window and enter the WMS website wms.aboxford.com.au in the address bar. It is highly recommended that this address is saved in your Favorites or a shortcut is setup on the desktop.

Launching WMS

Step 2

The URL will re-direct your browser to another Oxford Cold Storage web site to allow you to begin the log on process. The re-directed page is (https://appsrv1.aboxford.com.au:4443/src/login.php).

The Username & Password will be provided by Oxford’s I.T. Department.

Company logon page to WMS

Step 3

This login screen is for the individual users as opposed to the previous login which is a company wide login. Enter your user name and password then press the Login button.

User logon screen to WMS

Step 4

Successfully logging on will display the Main Menu.

WMS Main Menu


Downloading Signed Delivery Dockets

IE7 File Download Fix

If you are using Internet Explorer 7 and you cannot download a Signed Delivery Docket from the View/Update Delivery Order screen you may need to change your Internet Explorer settings.

  1. Start Internet Explorer and from the Tools menu select Internet Options.
  2. Click the Security tab and select Trusted Sites.
  3. Next, click the Custom level... button further down the page.
  4. Scroll down to the Downloads section.
  5. Set Automatic prompting for file downloads to Enable.