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Used to enquire or update the user cross reference groups for the menu display and forms control. This links the menu id (forms) to the groups and so controls what menu items will be displayed for the groups.

Main Screen

User Cross Reference Groups Master
  • Menu Id
Press the F9 key to list the menu id's. Menu id's that point to another menus or a collection of forms.
  • Parent Id
Press the F9 key to list the parent menu id's. Parent Id's will have a collection of menus and/or forms attached to it.
  • Group Id
This is the group that this menu id is attached to Can have multiple groups for the one menu id.
  • Security Arguments
Used when calling forms to limit the level of access to that form.
  • Rank
Controls the ordering if the Menu id and Group Id are duplicated.
  • Query Only
Controls the update/entry/query behavior of the called form.