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Allows for the query or entry of the Menu Items.

Main Screen

Menu Items Setup
  • Double click the menu items to bring up all the attached items.
  • Right Click the mouse button for editing the menu.

Setup Screen

Menu Items Setup
  • Id.
Enter new Item Id.
  • Parent Menu Id.
Which menu that this item will reside under. Press the F9 key to list the parent menu id's.
  • Grandparent Menu Id
Which top menu this item will reside under. Press the F9 key to list the grandparent menu id's.
  • Description.
What is displayed in the Menu.
  • Menu Type.
Menu type is in Form or Menu or Pro*C or SqlScript or UnixScript.
  • Display Order.
Order where this item will be displayed in the list when the menu selected.
  • Hide Menu.
Hide Menu is unchecked for Menu types.
  • Site id.
Is the item only displayed for one site.
  • Targets Path.
Must be the current WMS Home path the with the directory as per type: Forms in /forms, UnixScript in /shell, etc.
  • Targets Name.
Either the form name, shell script name, etc.
  • Calling Arguments.
Passed in arguments for the target file (current implementation: :WMSUSER for the current user and :WMSUSER_EMAIL for the current the email address of the user).
  • User Group Id
Must be a valid User Group.
  • Rank
Controls the ordering if more then one Menu id and the Group Id is duplicated.
  • Query only
Controls the update or entry or query behavior of the called forms.
  • Security arguments
Types that will control the called forms behavior.
  • Press the [Commit] button to save changes.