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This form displays the user session information and any locks by the sessions.

Main Screen

User Sessions Screen
  • WMS User
The logged in user for the form sessions.
  • Type
User Type - 'EMP' (employee), 'CLT' (Client) and 'DEV' (Developer).
  • WMS Module
Form name.
  • WMS Module Name
For forms, this will display the form description.
  • Time
The number of seconds a lock has been set.
  • Logon
Last login date and time.

User Sessions Screen
  • Terminal
The terminal id if set.
  • Process
The UNIX process id.
  • O/S User
The operating system user.
  • Process Machine
Which machine the process is running on.
  • Status
The status of the process.
  • Wait Sec
The number of seconds the process is in wait.
  • State
Wait State.

  • Press the [Locks] button to display the oracle locks for this process.
  • Press the [Kill] button to kill the current user process.

Lock Screen

User Sessions Screen
  • Lock Description
Locks: row shared, row exclusive, share, share row exclusive and exclusive.
  • Type
Types: 'RT' - 'Redo Log Buffer', 'TD' - 'Dictionary', 'TM' - 'DML', 'TS' - 'Temporary Segments', 'TX' - 'Transaction', 'UL' - 'User' and 'RW' - 'Row Wait'.
  • Description
  • Table name with Lock