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Used to maintain the Store Information. This form displays the store information like whether controlled by Radio, supervisors email, etc. Stores are used to break up the freezer and chiller locations into discrete areas. Operators enter a store they are working in and so this limits the movements they can access within a freezer/chiller.

Creating New Store

Store Master Screen
  1. Press the F7 key to begin a new search/query.
  2. Press the F8 key to execute the query.
  3. Press the PageUp/PageDown keys to view the results.
  4. Press the F10 key to insert a new record.
  5. Press the Ctrl A keys to save your changes or the [Exit] button to exit the form.
  6. Press the Ctrl F10 keys if you wish to delete any record.

Store Fields

  • Site
Press the F9 key to list the sites.
  • Code
Unique code for store.
  • Description
  • Sts
If value is 'R' then this is a radio controlled store. Used in the background scheduler to validate that this store is active.
  • Establishment
Valid establishment for this store.
  • Supervisor's Email
Valid email address. Used to report when a pickface becomes unstable or when excessive stock has been written off.
  • E.Quota
Maximum quantity of the written off stock required to trigger sending a email to the supervisor.