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Used for setting up the customer's product rules. This form defines certain rules set by the customers for their products.

Creating New Customer/Product Rules

Customer/Product Screen
  1. Press the F8 key to execute the query.
  2. Press the PageUp/PageDown keys to view the results.
  3. When you find an existing client that closely matches the new one.
  4. Press the [Clone] button to duplicate existing record.
  5. Replace the texts you wish to change with the new details.
  6. Change any other fields as required.
  7. Press the [Commit] button to apply the changes.
  8. Press the F10 key to insert a new record.
  9. Press the [Commit] button to save your changes or the [Exit] button to exit the form.
  10. Press the Ctrl F10 keys if you wish to delete any record.

Customer's Product Setup Rules

  • Client Code
  • Number/Type
Either 'N'umber, 'T'ype. This field determines whether its a customer number or customer type when looking up the details.
  • Customer/Code/Type
  • Estab Code
Valid establishment or '~' for All.
  • Product Code
  • Minimum Pack
Must be either 0=Plt, 1=Ctns, 2=Inrs or -1=Not Set. This field defines the minimum level at which the stock is accepted on receipt.
  • Min S/Life
Minimum Shelf life from the Product table.
  • Shelf Life
This field defines the Minimum Shelf Life that this product must have to be accepted (0=Not Set).
  • Rej Old
Either 'Y'es, 'N'o or 'C'ustomer. This field defines whether old stock is rejected.
  • Ord Sts
Requires stock on this Stock Status (-1=Not Set).