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Used to maintain the Product Batch Master relationship. This form allows users to define batch/lots for the products.

Creating New Product Batch Master

Updating Product Batch Master
  1. Press the F7 key to begin a new search/query.
  2. Press the F8 key to execute the query.
  3. Press the PageUp/PageDown keys to view the results.
  4. When you find an existing client that closely matches the new one.
    1. Press the [Clone] button to duplicate tje existing record.
    2. Replace the text you wish to change with the new details.
    3. Change any of the other fields as required.
    4. Press the [Commit] button to apply the changes.

Product Batch Master Setup Rules

Updating Product Batch Master
  • Client Code
Press the F9 key to the list clients.
  • Product Code
Press the F9 key to the list products.
  • Batch/Lot Number
Enter a valid batch for the current product.
  • Expiry Date
Date when the product batch expires.
  • Lot Status
Either 'A'vailable or 'C'onditional Release or 'H'old or 'Q'uarantine or 'Z' Archived or 'L'ow Shelf Life or 'E'xpired. This is used when setting the Batch Lot Status.
  • Creation Date
Date the batch was created.
  • Last Changed
Date the batch was last changed.

Updating Product Batch Master
  • First Receipted
Date the product batch was first receipted.
  • Production Date
Date the product batch was produced.

History Button

  • Press the [History] button to view Master Changes Screen.
This screen show all the changes made for the current product batch record.
Master Changes Screen