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Used for setting up the Printers. This form defines the printer details for each store.

Creating New Printer Record

Printer Master Screen
  1. Press the F8 key to execute the query.
  2. Press the PageUp/PageDown keys to view the results.
  3. When you find an existing client that closely matches the new one.
    1. Press the [Clone] button to duplicate the existing record.
    2. Replace the texts you wish to change with the new details.
    3. Change any other fields as required.
    4. Press the [Commit] button to apply the changes.
  4. Press the F10 key to insert a new record.
  5. Press the [Commit] button to save your changes or the [Exit] button to exit the form.
  6. Press the Ctrl F10 keys if you wish to delete any record.

Printer Master

  • Site
Press the F9 key to list the sites.
  • Name
Valid name of printer on network.
  • Description
Printer description
  • Usage
Printer Usage must be either 'V'irtual or 'R'eport or 'L'abel or 'E'mail or 'A'lias. After a file is written this usage is used to identify what is to be done (i.e.: Report will print file to the named printer).
  • Type
Identifier for printer type, some reports print to more then one printer and these printers may be different brands of printers with different printer format commands.
  • Closet Label
When printing a report and label at the same time this identifies the closest label printer to the selected printer.