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Used for setting up the Pallet Companies. Provides a detailed list of all the equipments used in all the stores.

Creating New Pallet Company

Pallet Company Master
  1. Press the F8 key to execute the query.
  2. Press the PageUp/PageDown keys to view the results.
  3. When you find an existing client that closely matches the new one.
    1. Press the [Clone] button to duplicate the existing record.
    2. Replace the texts you wish to change with the new details.
    3. Change any other fields as required.
    4. Press the [Commit] button to apply the changes.
  4. Press the F10 key to insert a new record.
  5. Press the [Commit] button to save the changes or the [Exit] button to exit the form.
  6. Press the Ctrl F10 keys if you wish to delete any record.

Pallet Company Setup Rules

  • Company Code
Company code.
  • Account Number
Pallet Company's Account Number.