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Used to maintain registry of Vehicles.

Equipment Registry : Vehicles
  • Type
Vehicle Type.
  • Serial No
Serial number of vehicle.
  • Status
Status of vehicle, either 'A'ctive or 'R'etired.
  • Id Number
Vehicles internal id.
  • Asset No
Asset Number.
  • Notes
General notes.
  • Site
Vehicle belongs at this site.
  • Store
Vehicle belongs in this store.
  • Located
Vehicle belongs in this Freezer.
  • Check Freq
How often this vehicle should be checked.
  1. Press the F7 key to begin a new query.
  2. Press the F8 key to execute the query.
  3. Press the [Commit] button to commit changes.
  4. Press the [Clone] button to duplicate existing record.
  5. Press the [History] button to display history of current vehicle.

History Button

Master Changes Screen
This screen shows all the changes made for that client.