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This form is used for viewing/maintaining all the EDI Partner cross reference to Task.

Main Screen

EDI Partner/Tasks Screen
  • Enter the Partner - e.g: (Nestle) that needs to be checked.
Press the F8 key to bquery the EDI Partner/Tasks.
  • Partner Id
Press the F9 key to list the Partner Id's.
  • Sub
Sub-Partner id.
  • I/O
Enter the transaction direction 'I'n or 'O'ut.
  • Type
Press the F9 key to list the Transaction Types.
  • Description
  • Task
Order type sent by the Partner (not needed for outward).
  • WMS Store
Store used in planning.
  • Task
WMS task for planning of the inward movement.
  • Active
Is this an active record, 'Y'es or 'N'o.