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This form is used for releasing of the Receival Orders. You must enter a valid receipt location when releasing the order.

Release Receival Order Screen

  • Type in the Receipt Order that is to be released.
Press the F8 key to display the order details onto the screen from the query.
Release Order Receival Main Screen
  • Press the [Release] button to release Docket Header Details.

Release Docket - Confirm Screen

  • Enter Receipt Location (M)
Release Docket- Receivals Details
Press the F9 key to list the receival bay locations.
  • Press the [Release] button to save any changes or the [Cancel] button to return to Main Page.
Note: Once you press the [Release] button you will be prompted to Print Receival Form1.
Release Docket- Confirm Screen

Lines Button

Release Order Receivals Lines Enquiry Screen
  • Press the [Lines] button to view the Order Receival Lines.
  • Press the [Return] button to return to the Main Page.
Note: You cannot update any of the fields on this page.

Supp Data Button

Supplementary Data Screen
  • Press the [Supp Data] button to view the Order Supplementary Data.
You are required to fill in the details for the Delivery Instructions and the Delivery Pallet Transfer Info forms.