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This form is used to complete the Delivery Orders. This is the last stage in the delivery process.

How to Complete Delivery Orders Information.

First you must check to see if the delivery has been tallied correctly.

Dockets Released Enquiry

Docket Release Enquiry Screen
Order Progress by Detail Report
  • Type in the Docket Number.
Press the F8 key to query the delivery docket information.
  • Press the [Ord Prog] button to go the Order Progress – By Details report. Check that all the product, dates and batch numbers are correctly booked in by scrolling down the page and match the information on the screen with the manifest provided (if there is one).

If everything is in order then close the report and press the exit button to return to the Main Menu screen.

Workbank Enquiry

Workbank Enquiry Screen
  • Type in the Order Number.
Press the F8 key to query the workbank information.
Check to see if there are any pack id numbers left in the system to be picked for this order. If there are none left then the delivery order is ready to be completed.

Complete Delivery Orders

Complete Delivery Orders Screen
  • Enter in the Docket Order Number that is to be completed.
Press the F8 key to display the details of the docket number.

Complete Button

Complete Delivery Dailog Box
Supplementary-Delivery Pallet Details Screen
Supplementary-Delivery Instructions Screen
Print Delivery Docket Screen
  • Press the [Complete] button to complete the delivery order.
A Complete Delivery alert will appear asking you whether you wish to complete the order. Select [YES] and the Supplementary: Delivery Pallet Details screen will be displayed. When all the details are filled in then press the [Commit] button to save changes or the [Cancel] button to exit the screen.
Note: Once you have pressed the [Commit] button for the supplementary screen a Print Delivery Docket screen will be displayed. Type in the printer you wish to print the delivery docket to. Press the [Commit] button and the delivery will be completed and printed on the chosen printer.

Lines Button

Complete Order Delivery Lines Enquiry Screen
  • Press the [Lines] button to view the Order Delivery Lines Enquiry.
  • Press the [Return] button to return to the Main Page screen.
Note: You cannot update any of the fields on this page.

Supp Data Button

Supplementary Data Screen
  • Press the [Supp Data] button to view the Order Supplementary Data.
You are required to fill in the details for the Delivery Pallet Transfer Info and the Delivery Instructions forms.