From WMS Help

The following is a list of common keys used throughout WMS. Not all the keys are available on all the forms. If unsure press Control+K to get a list of available keys for the current form.

Shortcut Description
Tab or Enter Move to the next field.
Shift+Tab Move to the previous field.
F4 Return to the previous screen.
F6 Copy field from the previous record.
F7 Enter a new query. Press twice to automatically return the previous search parameters.
F8 Execute a query.
F9 Show the list of values to choose from.
F10 Create a new record.
Shift+F3 In a query form, count the number of records the query will return. In the Email form, automatically enters your address.
Shift+F7 Clear text in the current field.
Shift+Home Selects/Highlights the text from the current position of the cursor to the beginning of the field.
Shift+End Selects/Highlights the text from the current position of the cursor to the End of the field.
Control+F6 Copy the previous record.
Control+Shift+F1 Show the record history.
Control+K Display a list of available keys/shortcuts.
Control+P Launch the print function in Internet Explorer that allows you to print the WMS screen as shown.
Control+C Copy the selected text into the clipboard just like in Word or other applications.
Control+V Paste the text currently in the clipboard. Typically used shortly after Control+C.
ALT+PRINTSCREEN Take a picture of your WMS screen to include in your emails or documents.
END Save the changes made.
Control+F10 Delete a record.