Overview Of Deliveries

From WMS Help

The following are the most common screens involved with the processing of outward orders. The screens listed below are shown in the order of the steps taken as deliveries are processed. Click on any of the links below to learn how to use that screen.

Manual Delivery

  1. FO202 Booking Manual Deliveries
    This screen is used to create a new delivery order and enter all information manually.
  2. FO212 Update Manual Deliveries
    Update delivery orders created manually in FO202.

Processing Deliveries

  1. FO222 Release Delivery
    Release inward orders, including manually created, to be processed.
  2. FE308 Dockets Released Enquiry
    Used to update pallet dockets details.
  3. FO226 Complete Delivery
    Complete the paperwork for delivery orders.
  4. FO227 Generate/Print Pre-Print Labels
    Print labels for CHRISCO Orders.
  5. FO229 Confirm Unused Pre-Printed Labels
    Confirm unused labels for CHRISCO Orders.

Optional Screens