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This form enables you to send the output of any report, typically sent to the printer, via E-Mail.

The following fields allow you to customize how the E-Mail is generated. Please note that some fields are Mandatory (M) while others are Optional (O).


How to Enter Email Information :

  • Email Report To (M)
Type in the email addresses of the recipients. Addresses must be separated by a space.
You can automatically enter your own email address by pressing SHIFT+F3.
  • CC (O)
Type the email addresses of any secondary recipients to receive a Carbon Copy of this email.
The same rules apply as with the previous field.
  • Subject (M)
Type what this message is about.
  • Copy Self (M)
Valid values 'Y'es or 'N'o.
Default is 'N'o.
  • As Attachment (M)
Valid values are:
'Y'es: Output is attached as it is.
'R'ich Text Format(Yes): Output is converted to Rich Text and attached.
'I'nclude in Body (No): Output will be appended in the body of your message.
Leave this to the default 'Y'es, unless you're asked otherwise.

NOTE: Additionally, you may enter a longer message in the white space provided in the middle of the form. This area will be the body of your message.

Once you have entered the required information, click the [Send] button to send the email.