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This form is used to update the stock status. There are many reasons why the status on the stock may need to be changed. Examples of these would be damaged, quarantined, or stock which has to go out on a specific order.

SUGAR Stock Status Update Screen

Stock Status Update Main Screen

Operator must enter any one of or all of these: Product or Location or Pack id to do a stock query.

  • Enter the Product you wish to put a status on or take a status off.
Press the F8 key to query the product details on the screen.

Go to New Status field to put a new stock status.

  • New Status (M)
Press the F9 key to list the dispositions.
You cannot update a status on a product that is currently planned in or planned out.
List of dispositions Screen

  • Press the [Commit] button to save your changes or the [Exit] button to return to the Main Menu.