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WMS Main Menu

WMS Main Menu

The WMS main menu is split into three separate sections.

  • The search area is at the top left.
  • The favorites/history pane is on the bottom left.
  • The menu/search results pane is on the right.

Menu/Search Results

The Menu on the right side of the screen is used to display a list of menus/forms that the current user is allowed to access depending on the user security access level. It is also used to display the results of any searches that the user does. See below for details.

The items in the list can be individual forms or menus which will display more items. Double click on an entry in the list to access that form or menu.

Search Area

If you know the screen you want to use you can jump to that screen by entering its form code or its petname in the Item field and then press the [GO] button or the Enter key. You will be taken to the form/menu.

If you want to find a form(s) then enter part or all of the name in the Name field and press the [Search] button. The results will be displayed in the right panel. Double click on the form or press Enter and you will be taken to that form.


Adding a favorite

The favorites tab allows you to quickly access frequently used forms without the need to navigate through the menu structure.

To add a form in to the favorites tab.

  1. Locate the form in the menu.
  2. Left click once to highlight the item.
  3. Right click to display the favorites menu.
  4. Left click on the Add Favorites to add the form to your favorites list.


The history tab is automatically populated. An entry is added to the list every time you visit a new form. The most recent forms are shown on the top of the list. You can add any of the forms shown in this list to your favorites by performing the steps above in Favorites.

Main Menu Demonstration


An interactive demonstration of the WMS Main Menu and its various functions is also available.

Background Colour

Changing the WMS Background Colour

This option is available to change the background colour. You can access this option by pressing the Pref button.

Once in the preference screen press the [Colour] button. You can click any of the colored boxes to see the screen using that colour. Once you are satisfied with your option then press the [SET COLOUR] button followed by the [Commit] button to save your choice.

NOTE:You can only have one background colour for ALL your sessions.

Logging Out

To log out of the WMS system please press the [Log Out] button at the bottom right corner of of the Main Menu. This will ensure that the system cleans up after itself and runs more efficiently.

Closing WMS Incorrectly

NOTE: Please refrain from using the X box on the top right corner to close your WMS session. Doing so will produce a screen (shown to the right) warning against it. If for some reason you cannot logout properly, you may click OK to continue. Press the [CANCEL] button to return to the WMS menu.

Tips & Tricks


- It's recommended that you take a look at the list of WMS keyboard shortcuts to help you use the system more efficiently. While you can move about the screen using the mouse it is not as efficient as using the keyboard.

- LOVs, also known as List of Values are the lists that can be accessed using the F9 key. If the list is very long you may shorten it by typing the first few letters of the entry you are looking for and then pressing the [Enter] key. Only the items beginning with those letters will be shown.

- Some WMS query forms allow the use of wild cards. This means that you can query for records even when you don't know all the details or when you want the results for multiple products at once. You can also change the order results as shown in some query screens. For more information see advanced queries.

- You can take a picture (screen shot) of the current WMS screen and include it in your email or document. While you are in the WMS, press the [Alt+Printscreen] button. Next open a new email and from the Edit menu select paste. This way you don't have to type a lot of the details on the screen and the I.T Department can see any error messages exactly as shown.

- Alternatively, you can print what you see on the current WMS screen. Press the Control+P keys, select your printer and then press the Print button. Please note this will not print the full query results. It will only print the WMS screen exactly as shown thus any further pages of the results will not be printed. Use the reporting forms for that purpose.

- Frequently when something does not work a message will pop-up on the screen. Other times information is displayed on the Information Line in the dark-gray area at the bottom of the screen. Keep an eye on this area for messages regarding what to enter in fields or why something is not working as expected. Similarly, a message is displayed when the LOVs are available.

Tips & Tricks Demonstration


An interactive demonstration for the Tips & Tricks is available to see these in action.