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*'''WMS Plt Equip'''
*'''WMS Plt Equip'''
: Pallet Company,C=Chep,L=Loscam,O=Own,E=Export,P=Plain/Generic.
: Pallet Company = C=Chep,L=Loscam,O=Own,E=Export,P=Plain/Generic.
: Order preference.
: Order preference.

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This form is used for viewing/maintaining all the EDI Pallet Equipment Conversion.

Main Screen

EDI Pallet Equipment Conversion Screen
  • Enter the Partner - e.g: (Nestle) that needs to be checked.
Press the F8 key to query the EDI Pallet Equipment
  • Partner Id
Press the F9 key to list the Partner Id's.
  • EDI Pallet Equipment Code
  • Description
  • WMS Plt Equip
Pallet Company = C=Chep,L=Loscam,O=Own,E=Export,P=Plain/Generic.
  • Preference
Order preference.