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  • For querying on the Pra-Receival Advices sent to 1STOP. This form allows users to check the acknowledgements and any errors for the rejected advices. The detail screen allows for the update and re-sending of the Pre-Receival Advice that had errors.

Main Screen

Pra-Receival Screen

  • Press the [Header] button to display all details of the current Pre-Receival Advice.
Pra-Receival Detail Screen

  • Press the [Details] button to display all the WMS orders on this Advice.

  • Press the [Ack Msg] button to display all the acknowledgement notes for the current Pre-Receival Advice and allow update and re-send of this advice if it has been rejected.
Pra-Receival Acknowledgement Screen

Interactive Demonstration


An interactive demonstration of the Pre-Receival Advice Enquiry and its various functions is also available.