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This form is used to lock the replenishments records to devices. You have the option of allocating device codes to the replenishments by selecting from a list of devices. You can also change the priority value from 0-Highest to 9-Lowest.

Replenishment Allocation

Replenishment Allocation Main Screen
  • Type in the Product that is to be allocated with the device code.
Press the F8 key to query all the replenishments for that product.
Note: You can also put in a value for the store, client, or device code field to query records.
  • Priority
Setting priorities is used to present the movements to the device in the priority order.
  • Device Code
Allocate device codes to the replenishments. Press the F9 key to list the devices.

Allocate Button

Replenishment Locking (with Allocate)
  • Allocating a devices code to the replenishments.
Press F9 to list the devices.
  • Press the [Allocate] button to commit the device code after selecting the device code from the list of devices.

Reset Button

  • Press the [Reset] button to reset the device to the original value.

Interactive Demonstration


An interactive demonstration of the Replenishment Locking and its various functions is also available.