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This form is used for Releasing Order Receivals.User have the option of Releasing Order Receivals by providing a valid receipt location for releasing the Order.

Release Order Receival Screen(fo221)

How to Release Order Receival Information :-

  • Type in the Receipt Number that needs to be released.
Once Receipt Number is entered, press F8 to brings up the Order details onto the screen.
File:Fo221 main.jpg
Release Order Receival Main Screen

Release Button

  • Press [Release] button to view Release Docket Header Details.
  • Enter Receipt Location (M)
Press F9 to view valid List Of Journal.
Press [Release] button to save any changes or [Cancel] button to return to Main Page.
Note: Once you press [Release] button you would be prompted to Print Receival FORM1.
File:Fo221 rel.jpg
Release Docket- Receivals Details
File:Fo221 rel confirm.jpg
Release Docket- Confirm Screen

Lines Button

  • Press [Lines] button to view Release Order Receivals Lines Enquiry.
Press [Return] button to return to Main Page.
Note: You cannot update any field on this page.
File:Fo221 lines.jpg
Release Order Receivals Lines Enquiry Screen

Supp Data Button

  • Press [Supp Data] button to view Order Supplementary Data.
You are required to fill Delivery Instructions and Delivery Pallet Transfer Info forms.
Supplementary Data Screen

Interactive Demonstration


An interactive demonstration of the Release Order Receivals and its various functions is also available.