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This form is to allow for the updating of stock records to change a set of records from one product code to another product code for the same client. Enter client, product, new product and any other set/s of stock detail to query the stock records required. Please note that fields are either Mandatory (M) or Optional (O).

Query Entry

  • Client (M)
Press the F9 key to list the clients.
  • Original Product (M)
Press the F9 key to list the products.
  • New Product (M)
Press the F9 key to list the products.
  • Location (O).
Enter a valid stock location for original product.
  • Pack id (O).
Enter a valid stock pack id for original product.
  • Batch No (O).
Enter a valid stock batch number for original product.
  • Receipt Order (O).
Enter a valid receipt order number for original product.
  • Establishment (O).
Enter a valid stock establishment for original product.
  • Establishment Ref (O).
Enter a valid stock establishment reference for original product.
  • Rotadate (O).
Enter a valid stock minimum rotadate and a maximum rotadate if range required for original product.
  • Disposition (O).
Enter a valid stock Disposition for original product.
  • List Pack IDs (O).
Enter a valid list of pack ids for original product.

Once you have entered all the required and options details press the [Query] button to bring up the stock details.

Queried Stock Records

This screen allows for checking individual stock records for changing the product or check all to select all displayed stock records for changing the product.

Stock Product Update - Queried Records

Press the [Check All] button to check all records for processing.

Press the [Report] button on return from the Confirm Screen to print a report reflecting the new product for the checked records.

Press the [Confirm] button to display Confirmation Screen.

Confirmation Screen

This screen allows for the confirmation of the product change for the current client. Displays original and new product, original and new packsize and totals for number of stock records, quantity and weight. Also if the Update Receipt checkbox is checked then all records for the receipt order number will be updated with the new product.

Stock Product Update - Confirmation

Press the [Commit] button to commit the product change to stock records.